Dr. Bose is an attending emergency physician with a breadth of clinical experience, from the busiest urban emergency rooms in the nation to underserved community hospitals. Based on his strong clinical record, he was selected by the International Association of Healthcare Professionals to represent emergency medicine in their publication, "The Leading Physicians of the World" and earned recognition in "Guide to America's Top Emergency Medicine Physicians" for the last several years. He was selected as one of "America's Health Care Leaders" by the American College of Emergency Physicians and Health Leaders Magazine. Dr. Bose has held various hospital leadership positions during his career, and currently serves as Medical Director for the city of Odessa, Texas and its surrounding county. The face of emergency medicine constantly changes, thus Dr. Bose is knowledgeable on the full spectrum of medical specialties. He is able to quickly build trust and rapport with individuals of diverse backgrounds during difficult times in their lives. He was selected by the American College of Emergency Physicians as one of the “Heroes of Emergency Medicine” of the last 40 years for his contributions to the specialty.

As a military physician, Dr. Bose served during the peak of the Iraq war and was recognized as a "CNN Hero" for receiving the Bronze Star and being selected as the US physician who treated Saddam Hussein after his capture. He served one of the longest continuous combat tours by a military physician since World War II. He is the founder of 'The Battle Continues', a nonprofit charity serving injured veterans

Dr. Bose is a clinical professor at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center, an associate professor at University of Illinois and has held faculty positions at University of Texas and Texas A&M. In these roles, he must stay at the forefront of medical breakthroughs and communicate difficult concepts in a way others can understand and apply. As City/County Medical Director, he is directly responsible for training hundreds of pre-hospital personnel. Further, Dr. Bose routinely travels across the country to teach the Emergency Medicine Written Board Examination review curriculum he developed. This curriculum, in addition to the 600+ page textbook he authored, led two medical centers to achieve #1 scores in the nation among 140 residency programs. Dr. Bose also lectures nationally on lessons learned as a battalion surgeon in Iraq, including a keynote lecture with President Barack Obama in 2006. He is skilled at giving media interviews and has appeared on CNN, MSNBC, CBS News, and local news affiliates. In addition, he serves as a medical correspondent for a weekly CBS segment discussing medical and personal health issues. Dr. Bose is a Featured physician on hit worldwide reality TV show "Untold Stories of the ER" and other shows such as Dr. Oz. He has appeared in over 1,000 other media appearances . He received the 2007 National Faculty Teaching Award by the American College of Emergency Physicians, the industry’s highest teaching award. He is a regular contributor and author selected to provide leadership, military and medical expertise for The Huffington Post.

Dr. Bose is the Founder & CEO of several nationally top-ranked medical education companies. He serves as Chief Medical Officer and Co-Founder of liveClinic,Inc, a platform that helps physicians sustain their outpatient practice. His onsite and online companies aim to educate medical providers at leading hospitals and universities across the nation on the health care needs of Americans. Dr. Bose was involved in all aspects of developing and executing the business model and marketing plan for each company, giving him practical business skills. Dr. Bose demonstrated the ability to develop and execute his vision and achieve results; his companies reached profitability in the first year and participant examination scores increased.


Memorandum by Dr. Bose to the President of the United States

Expansion of Memorandum from Dr. Sudip Bose to President Barack Obama:
Universal Coverage Does Not Mean Universal Access for the American People

My shift in the emergency room is about to start. Walking up the ramp to the double doors, I pick up my pace a bit when I hear the wailing sirens of an ambulance screeching around the corner. Two more ambulances parked ahead have just brought in patients.

The doors to the ER slide open and I see a familiar scene of controlled chaos. People sit shoulder-to-shoulder in chairs lining the narrow hallway. An elderly man coughs and occasionally spits bloody mucus into a plasticbasin on his lap. A young mother and her toddler sit a few yards ahead, neither of whom appears sick or hurt. I notice two people who need stitches, spot a child who probably has a broken arm, and spy one of our "frequent flyers" who is likely here with his usual complaint of various pains and requesting narcotic pain pills.



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