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Dr. Bose's Leadership Lessons Will...
Teach executives leadership tactics in crisis situations
Develop quality leaders with integrity in your organization
Improve decision making to increase company sales
Enhance communication strategies to better engage employees
Train, inspire and motivate your employees
Keep the audience laughing, learning and energized
Raise funds and awareness for injured combat veterans
"Dr. Bose's lecture was extremely well received at University of Oxford. He is a fantastic speaker and was able to take his lessons learned in combat and as an emergency physician and apply them to the audience. Very highly recommend. His lessons are applicable to anyone."

- Dr. Kar, Said Business School, University of Oxford, United Kingdom

"Dr. Sudip Bose served as a keynote speaker at The American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA) annual conference, attended by over 4,000 practitioners....His presentation receieved a rousing standing ovation and rave reviews!"

- Maureen Freda Peterson, Chief Professional Affairs Officer, AOTA

"Your opening general session was informative, exciting and humorous at the times it needed to be. Our conference delegates enjoyed hearing you speak. The feedback we received from our attendees was positive and beneficial. Your insight and detailed experiences made your session memorable. It also gave our attendees a great deal to think about and taught them how to apply your experiences and what you learned to their own lives."

- James Salas, President, New Mexico Fire Chiefs Association

"Thank you for taking the time from your busy schedule to provide the keynote address at the MEUW annual conference. Our organization had many top level management team members from our eighty-two municipally- owned electric utilities at the conference and your presentation "Leadership Under Pressure" provided an outstanding message for them to take back to their utilities. We received very good feedback from our attendees regarding your presentation."

- Randy Jaeckels, MEUW Past President

"The way that he was able to engage with the audience and bring his real world experiences to the room was outstanding. The other thing he does is he takes information and really simplifies it down so that the audience can really understand and take away something from his talk. You get that firsthand experience right then and there combined with what's actually happening on the inside of your body. It's unlike anything I've ever seen."

- Jake Leston, Discover, Brand Communications Marketing

"It was a pleasure to have Dr. Bose here with us. It was a neat presentation....brought back very poignant memories for me because my brother served in the military and served in Vietnam."

- John Holstein, Director at Zoltec Partners

"Dr. Bose is a very talented and gifted speaker. His points of discussion are ones that are very necessary in today's age and society."

- John Alvarez, Chief, Odessa Fire & Rescue

"You were an incredible speaker, and it was an honor to have you share your powerful story about the ironies of freedom."

- Jennifer Klink, Associate Director, Reunion, Northwestern University

"His nutrition facts and healthy living tips has helped me put away some of the junk food that I love so much and picked up some healthier eating habits and it's been very helpful to me."

- Tatum Guinn, CBS 7 news

"Staff was easy to work with."

- Jackie Portillo, NMML Support Services Coordinator/NM Fire Chiefs Association Staff Liaison

"Dr. Bose was able to incorporate the war life situations that he faced during deployment in Iraq and he was able to apply that to a work-life setting here in headquarters at Discover Financial Services. Thank you Dr. Bose for applying that experience for us and for teaching us the importance of making tough decisions in high pressure situations."

- Ashley Bauers, Project Manager, CSE Systems Support, Discover Financial Services

"The way he started out the presentation really caught our attention! He used props which really kept us engaged and entertained. We learned a lot and his lessons were great! Thank you for your invaluable teaching points."

- Melissa Hopkins, Executive Producer, Washington Times

"Dr. Bose has the battlefield critical care experience to operate a trauma emergency room and the human skills to educate, not only the top leaders in our military and government, but the general public on the issues surrounding those who suffer from PTSD. Very engaging and informing speaker."

- Terry Johnson, Founder of Show of Support

"I've seen Sudip present to audiences both in the U.S. and abroad. He builds immediate rapport with the crowd and goes on to engage hearts and minds with focus on health, leadership, and ultimately, how to become better versions of ourselves."

- Mike Ferguson, President and CEO, Venntix Intelligence Solutions, Partner and Co-Founder, Emergent Life Sciences

"Sudip Bose was asked to be our keynote speaker for a gathering of some 1,000 people on the opening of our new Chris Kyle Memorial Plaza in Odessa, Texas. Sudip gave a very heartfelt message to the crowd that was gathered of military, local citizens and dignitaries from across the State of Texas. It was very well received by all in attendance."

- Kirk Edwards, Chairman of the Chris Kyle Memorial Committee

"I booked Dr. Bose to speak to a group of business professionals for the Naperville area Chamber of Commerce. Having grown up in Naperville Dr. Bose could relate to the audience from a local perspective. His message about overcoming challenges on the battlefield was directly tied to how to overcome challenges in the workplace. Dr. Bose's energy brings the room alive and his passion for veteran causes makes an amazing impact."

- Melna Langham, Member Naperville Chamber of Commerce

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